Daniel Receives "Shooting Star Award" by Shake, Rattle, & Troll Radio (KFNX 1100AM)

On January 22nd, 2012 Daniel Elias received the "Shooting Star Award" which was presented by the Shake, Rattle, & Troll Radio Show. The award was presented to Daniel live on air during their weekly fishing show which is broadcast online and on KFNX 1100AM. This was the inaugural "Shooting Star Award" and it will continue to be given out yearly to the one person that Shake, Rattle, & Troll Radio feels represents the best up and coming professional bass angler. Daniel commented, "I am honored to receive the first Shooting Star Award ever given out by Don McDowell and the Shake, Rattle, & Troll team. It is great to be recognized by fellow sportsmen and anglers who support my passion of professional bass fishing."